About the UCL Fellowship

At Union Church – individuals, couples and families – one big family!

We would love to have you join with us to worship God every Sunday at 10.30am. We really believe that UCL should be for all the family and every person, and that worship should involve all ages.

UCL aims to be a caring, Christian Community that worships, fellowships, witnesses and grows in faith, all to the glory of God. It is an international church attended by English language speakers who are resident in or visiting Lima. UCL is also an interdenominational church reflecting aspects of the mainline protestant and evangelical churches worldwide.

UCL was started in 1924 by a group of missionaries and their families, and some other expats mainly from the US and Scotland. Dr John A Mackay (Scotland) and Dr J C Field (USA) drew up the constitution of UCL. Since those early days the church has lived through many political and economic contexts, but the faithfulness of God and the commitment of the congregation have been unquestioned. UCL delights itself to provide a warm welcome to English speaking people whose desire is to worship God in the English language. The current facilities, located at Av. Angamos Oeste 1155, Miraflores, are functional, welcoming and host many different activities and organisations. UCL is a popular wedding venue notably because of its attractive interior design and ample space in the main church building and Chase Hall.

We would love to see you come along to our Sunday services and other activities. Come as you are and enjoy an international environment in which to unite together to worship the only living and true God.

People of the Union Church of Lima

UCL employs a full-time pastor, Rev. John Thompson, contactable at the church office by email at uclpastor@gmail.com

The church also employs an administrator, maintenance, and security staff.

Many people in the congregation are involved in supporting the activities of the church. The Board of Directors is presided over by Mark Falcon, and manages the overall running of the church.

Those who attend UCL range from missionaries and NGO workers to business leaders, embassy staff, workers and long-term residents. Many of our congregation are Peruvians who have studied or worked abroad and wish to worship in the English language. Others are spouses of Peruvians and are part of the expanding expat community in Lima. For many people UCL becomes a spiritual home from home even when in Lima for short visits.